To continue evolving and exceeding expectations.
This is one of the principles that every digital marketing agency should seek, and it's an essential element for our survival.

Digital marketing is always changing, with new technologies and trends that provide new challenges every time they emerge. Therefore, we must continue to evolve relentlessly, always chasing the latest information and developing new approaches and strategies. This requires all our employees to possess agile thinking and skills, and to carry out organizational transformation.
We also strive to continuously exceed our clients' expectations. Each of our employees must earnestly engage with our clients and contribute to their business growth. With a team equipped with organizational quality management and project management skills, we are committed to achieving these goals.


'Digital Marketing''Yui-māru'

Our company name, "Digimarl," is a term combining "Digital Marketing" and the Okinawan term "Yui-māru." This name signifies a digital marketing agency working cooperatively with customers and supporting each other within the team towards successful business endeavors.

Digital marketing has become an indispensable element in modern business. However, implementing it requires a wealth of knowledge and skills, and many companies need the assistance of experts.
"Yui-māru" is an Okinawan term meaning "mutual assistance and labor exchange." This term symbolizes a cultural practice rooted in Okinawa, where people in the community live by helping each other. We incorporated this term because we believe the services we offer must go beyond mere business transactions; it's crucial to cooperate and strive together towards mutual success.

"Digimarl," a blend of "Digital Marketing" and "Yui-māru," provides various digital marketing services tailored to the customers' needs and supports businesses for more effective operations.


Turning today's sincerity,
Into tomorrow's achievements.

At Digimarl,
We have gathered professionals in digital marketing

We value both "sincerity" and "achievement."
For our customers, we cannot afford to lack either.
Especially in the digital world,
We strive not to forget sincerity,
and never to compromise on achievements.

Sincerity to us at Digimarl means to:
Respond carefully, accurately, and quickly.
Don't do anything that won't benefit the customer.
If it's for the results,
propose things outside of digital marketing.
Don't lie.

Achievements are born from sincerity.
As a trusted partner,
We will achieve results together with our customers.

Believing that being sincere today
Leads to tomorrow's achievements,
Digimarl works tirelessly every day.

Value Proposition

  • Digital Maniacs (Professionalism)

    We are a professional agency with advanced expertise and skills in digital marketing. Our team is always attuned to the latest trends and technologies, striving to deliver the highest quality possible.

  • Customer-Centric

    We focus on a deep understanding of our clients, tailoring our strategies and services to their specific needs and challenges. Our team places great emphasis on communication with our clients, doing their utmost to earn their trust.

  • Innovation

    We constantly research the latest trends and technologies to provide our clients with the most suitable strategies. Our team continually seeks new ideas and methods, always pursuing innovation.

  • Honesty

    We uphold the value of being always honest, valuing truthfulness not just with our clients, but also among our colleagues. We believe in building the right trust relationships by sharing the truth.

  • Risk Management

    We prioritize risk management in digital marketing. With policies and a track record in data security, privacy protection, and appropriate ad spend management, we focus on minimizing our clients' risk and earning their trust.

Message from the President

Kazuhiro Hosoda President & CEO

As a digital marketing agency, we strive daily to provide the highest quality services using the latest technologies and methods to support our clients' business growth. Merely responding to routine requests from clients is not enough, to build a team that can lead a business to success in an increasingly competitive environment. Therefore, we declare that we will take a future-oriented approach and tackle the following key issues to provide services tailored to our clients' needs.

Firstly, we are required to always grasp market trends and provide the best strategy to meet our clients' business needs. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, which often lack resources and information and tend to lag behind market changes, we sensitively respond to the latest trends and market needs and consider applying them to our clients' businesses.

Also, in response to the evolution of digital technology, we are always challenging ourselves to new initiatives. For businesses, there are limits to IT investment and implementation, so we adopt cost-effective, state-of-the-art technologies to provide more efficient and high-quality services. We also focus on developing products and services using the latest digital technologies, providing new value to our customers.

Furthermore, we are also focused on employee development and work-style reform. By developing continuous education and training programs and supporting skill upgrades for our employees, we aim to provide higher quality services. At the same time we strive to improveing work-life balance for employees, pursue increased productivity, and create a better working environment, aspiring to be a company that is truly needed by society.

We look forward to your continued expectations.

Kazuhiro Hosoda
President & CEO