Broad Range of Project Proposals (Media Solutions)

By offering a wide range of media solutions, we make our clients’ businesses stand out. We aim to maximize business potential by utilizing the optimal tools without being limited to our unique solutions, ranging from innovative plans based on the latest trends to improvements and production of CRM, CDP, and websites.

Design Focused on Achieving Results

We actively conduct A/B testing to identify designs that are well-received by the market and media, maximizing outcomes. Through this process, we effectively communicate our clients’ brand messages and contribute to achieving their goals.

Quick and Flexible Communication

We share information flexibly and efficiently through various communication methods such as business chat, web conferencing, and phone calls. This approach smoothens information exchange and allows us to respond quickly to changing market conditions. We are contributing to building trust with our clients.

Added Value

Acquisition of P-Mark Certification

We hold the Privacy Mark, indicating our compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law and recognizing our appropriate handling of personal information. Through employee training and risk management, we practice reliable corporate operations, allowing clients to use our services with confidence.

Acquisition of YMAA Certification

We have obtained the YMAA Mark, recognized as advertising handlers who have acquired knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Medical Advertising Guidelines. This enables us to make safe and reliable creative proposals without violations, providing peace of mind to our clients.