What is

Digimarl is a marketing agency that never stops evolving. We constantly expand our techniques,
striving daily to become a partner that solves our customers' business challenges through any means necessary.

Why Choose Us

  1. 01 Achieve speedy campaign placements through strong collaboration with various media platforms

    We understand that there may be times when our customers need speedy advertising placements. Even in such cases, we can achieve rapid placements with guerrilla-like responses. To achieve our customers' objectives as quickly as possible, we strive for a strong collaboration with various media platforms.

  2. 02 Strategically identify advantageous media platforms that will enhance your brand value

    We meticulously choose appropriate advertising placement sites to protect your brand value to ensure success. We provide detailed advertising & destination reports tailored to your brand and only display advertising placements on trusted sites.

  3. 03 We create a wide range of creative to meet the requirements of each media platforms regulations

    In advertising delivery on various media, it is important to check the compliance of the pattern and size of the creative, but this work can take time, this is where we can help. To achieve the reach your brand's advertisements require, we never neglect to provide appropriate creatives.

  4. 04 We offer flexible communication such as online meetings, phone calls, chats, and emails

    To provide our customers with a comfortable communication experience, we have prepared various means. This ensures a rapid PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle necessary for driving digital marketing initiatives, prevents missed opportunities, and supports alignment to prevent any misunderstandings.

  5. 05 Eliminate hidden fees and work errors with transparent ad account management

    Our advertising account management screen invites users and achieves transparent management. Customers can check their results themselves, understand the work history and correct costs. We, of course, do not carry out unclear fee calculations.

  6. 06 We can also support presentations and reports in English

    As we have an increasing number of customers from overseas, we have staff with business-level English skills. Therefore, we can also handle presentations and reports in English. If you are considering advertising in the Japanese market, please feel free to inquire in English.